Aperture Industries

Got to love games that explicitly cross the multiverse barrier. Making new Campaigns for them is sweet.

This is the first of many posts you will see regarding Aperture Industries.


I will not hide the truth. I am a keyboard fanatic. Not the sort that agonises over the gram force per key actuation… More the kind that cares deeply about what I spend all day pounding or brushing my fingers against.

Suffice it to say. A typists keyboard should be sensitive and treated like a woman, stroked gently till just the right point to make it register.

A gamers keyboard… needs to be built so you can hammer against it like its an anvil.


Rather happy with this SteelSeries 7G for my latest gaming keyboard. Few minor things I wish were different, but when I get pissed off or just plain pissed. It feels so perfect to just hammer the enter key or the space bar and not feel it shift the slightest bit compared to brushing it gently to just register the keys while typing.

Wish it used a standard single row enter key, and really missing the backlit keys of my previous Razer keyboard. But I am getting used to it and I feel like the change was worth it.